A science-backed, inclusive alternative to vaccine mandates in the workplace

The Immunity Score

THE Critical Metric for Keeping People Safe in Businesses, Schools & Universities

Finally. A way to recognize both natural immunity and vaccine-assisted immunity in your workplace without firing anybody.

Terminating dedicated, loyal employees who have already suffered through COVID doesn't seem right, fair, or logical.

And now, more and more studies are coming out showing that natural immunity may even be stronger and more durable than vaccinated immunity.

​​​​​​​What if the same test that is used to determine the efficacy of vaccines and the potency of antibody treatments for COVID-19 was available to you so that you could test your own unique level of immunity?

What if you had a HIPAA compliant way to see that same level of immunity in all your employees, so that you could manage their safety in a far more logical and safe way?

Then join us in this critical training and find out:

  • What we now know about COVID-19 immunity

Learn what makes this virus tick and what its "kryptonite" is. Understanding how your body fights off SARS CoV-2 is a critical step in managing fear and restoring confidence in your life and in your work and social environment.

  • The latest in COVID-19 testing technology

The OSHA-mandated antigen test doesn’t reduce fear, instill confidence, or even keep employees safe, but there are new tests that you need to know about that can.

  • How vaccine status alone is actually a misleading safety marker

Even if 100% of your employees are “fully vaccinated,” there is still one marker that no one is talking about, and knowing it is the difference between maintaining a safe working environment and opening your doors to more sickness.

  • How you can be more accommodating and inclusive of those who are not vaccinated

Learn how to provide cutting edge testing that reduces fear and increases inclusiveness, morale, and camaraderie.

Your Hosts:

Barry Fernando, MD

Founder and CEO

Anzu Medical

Kevin Rosenblatt, MD, PhD

Chief Medical Officer and Chief Scientific Officer

Healix Pathology, LLP

John Munsell

Co-Founder and CEO

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